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I need some change or some shit like, new clothes or new hair or to rearrange my room. Also my mom is driving me fucking insane. She thinks I'm stupid, and I love my mother, but she's the...craziest person I know. She cannot tell me something once, she ignores the fact that I greatly dislike certain things, yet she will continue to ignore my asking her to discontinue these things? Like watch a certain television show that I fucking hate more than anything, It's like she purposly says "Im going to piss off April today" Ugh. Only 6 more minutes of it. Hopefully. She argues for nothing, and I just. I think i need to talk to a psychiatrist. I really do. I'm probably depressed? ( lol who isn't ) I just really need to talk to someone. But of course, telling this to my mother creates another argument of "You're fine, you dont need to blah blah" something is my fault like I am over reacting. I cannot handle things like she can because lets see, she is 50, with many friends her age she can talk to, but i dont have a lot of people i can talk to about certain things. FOor my biggest issue i have...cliff. lol. ; ; thank cliff. But I seriously need to talk to someone, ABOUT my mother and about the shit she wont listen to me about. argh. I'm even having dreams, where I get Dramatically Pissed off. It's ridiculous. i woke up as pissed off as i've ever been because someone in my dream was so ignorant. That isn't normal; i dont think.

want to bleach my hair but my mom wont let me because she payed for these highlights. lol.

only 2 more minutes of housewives. i think. fml.

Current Mood: angry angry

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hay guys. I have skype now
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